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Balich Worldwide Shows

An incredible and fulfilling experience working side to side with 3 brilliant directors in charge of the ceremonies held place in Lima for the Pan-American Games. The 2019 Pan American Games were a multi sport event governed by the Panam Sports Organization. It was held in Lima Peru from July 26 to August 11, 2019. The opening ceremony took place on July 26 at the National Stadium and the Games were declared open by the President Martin Vizcarra

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Riyadh Season 2021

The grand opening of Riyadh Season 2021, the Middle East’s largest ever entertainment event, kicked off with an impressive parade – staged by BWS-KSA – with participation of international performers in unique costumes, and dazzling shows featuring over 2,760 drones that made the colorful opening ceremony an incredible and mesmerizing experience for a record number of more than 750,000 spectators while millions followed it through live broadcasts.

Cocnceptual Designs

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Cementos Inka

Storyboarding a TV commercial for the top leading Cement provider in Peru. Inka is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of cement with high standards of quality and competetive prices. 



Storyboards and Animation for Coolite. Introducing the brand to car distributors in Saudi Arabia. Coolite offers many products that protect vehicles from daily accidents, keeping the car safe, fresh and clean. 

Grana y Montero

Storyboarding a TV commercial for the giant Grana y Montero. Grana y Montero is a group made by 26 companies offering Engineering and Infrastructure services among eight countries in Latin America. 

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Cerveza Cristal

Storyboarding a TV commercial for the number one sold beer in Peru, Cerveza Cristal. Above an animatic put together for the client to have a clear vision of the final result. 

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Blues Infiel

Directed the single ¨Blues Infiel¨for one of Peru's top Rock n' Roll band, the Emergency Blanket. Storyboarding the entire video with all the poses for each band member. Later on, pictures were taken to replace the illustrations. This video shows how important the role of storyboarding is. Especially when all movements end up synchronized with the music.

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Other Projects

Below are some projects that I worked on during the years I was in Los Angeles. These were mostly from the Animation industry. 
These storyboards are from shows that aired in Adult Swim. 2D Animation, some live action and one Stop Motion.