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Ilustrated a Digital Mural for the inauguration of the worldwide distributed scooter brand, Lime. This event took place in Miraflores Lima; and it celebrated the introduction of the brand with various artists including myself. 

Balich Worldwide Shows

Panamaricanos Lima 2019

Created an illustration that represented the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Pan American Olympic Games held in Lima. This Illustration was printed on postcards and given to all the staff who worked and produced the event. 


The Concept

An illustration created for the Tee Shirt brand Sickindividual. This illustration represents the artistic, surreal and symbolic concept of the brand. The art was printed at a large scale and used to grab atention from buyers at many New York Pop Up Shop Events.

Soon we notice


A personal illustration. The idea came to me at a roof party at the beach. One of those melancholic moments that sometimes appear after seeing something that makes us go deep in thought. 

The Woom

The Woom

I did this one after visiting an art exposition in New York of the great Alex Grey. The whole gallery was designed with his art. It was amazing. I left inspired for sure. 

Embrace Crazy

Embrace Crazy

Letting the mind and hand set free. A vector based illustration made with two colors and a background with radial gradient. 



Love is in the air! da ra da da raaaa!!! Not the case of every couple in the world. But pretty much the "ideal" equation for people, apparently. Makes sense, even though I don't relate to it. But anyways, an observation illustrated. 

Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket

This illustration was made for the Band Emergency Blanket. It was printed as a poster and signed by the band to give away at their Release album concert back in 2014. 



The cycle of life has a cycle of many different kind of details and interpretations. This one, focuses on the relationship between Father and Son. I like this one. 




The single Zombies of the band Emergency Blanket needed an ilustraron for it's Cover. The yellow represents the color of the Peruvian capital. Everyone in the city begins to live under an infected, corrupt and dirty system. Everyone lives like a zombie!!

Honey I'm home

Proximity Kills

The stress of a days work clinges on the shoulders all the way back to the house. Back inside your loved one happens to have had a day full of the same emotions and frustrations. Ay yay yay, not an easy situation, but hopefully this goes smoothly and well. Honey I'm Home. 


Effeil Tower

Oh the city of Paris. What a lovely lovely city. I need to go back again. This time I'll try to do the not so touristy activities. Butinstead penetrate into the real deal. This sketch was done laying down on the grass looking at the marvelous Tower.... I got go back....

Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve

This piece I did many years ago. I believe it was 2002, 18 years of age, philosophical doubts and questioning begins to happen. Religion for me? Was a big one. Why would Adam and Even be tested in such a manner. Provoce a human without experience or even history to learn from? This creator must of been...... well sorta like a drew him. 

Escudo Peru

Escudo Mundialista

The clarification of Peru to the World Cup after 36 years of absence was a huge celebration. The whole country was united! And every member of the team became and idol to admire and support. This illustration shows every player celebrating and the Coach in the middle with his classic expression "Think, think"

Terror of the Past

Harsh Days

Terror of the past represents the evil of business men who enslaved the blacks while constructing the country. Indeed a dark piece, Done many years ago which means, I wouldn't illustrate this subject anymore. Mind sets change and this one today focuses on things more positively :)

Capuccino Boost

Capussino Boost Original

One of my favorites and one I plan on painting on a canvas to give to my parents as a gift. I plan on giving it lots of color. Pinks, oranges and turquoise for the back. This one is very surreal and doesn't have a meaningful purpose. Sometimes it is good to just let the mind flow. 

Could Be?

A therory

An illustrated theory of mine. This topic keeps on evolving throughout my mind as years go by, as I learn more and more. Keeping the mind open and curious, important indeed. Anyways, could be?

Stress Spread


The most stressful years I lived? Probably my 20's. For me at least the years where you begin to see the real face of the world, the rotation of the planet bringing us from day into the night in a sorta way. You fall you get up, you fall and again you go until you learn. This illustration represents the face of stress. A creature with many eyes constantly analyzing us, who feeds from our stress and with it reproduces it in the air. Luckily today, stress is handled pretty good ;)

Asti Doodle

asti crazi.jpg

Doodling in Asti Italy. Once in a while I do these kind of illustrations. Where I let any idea that comes into my mind appear onto the image. But always keeping in mind the importance of the composition and how the ideas blend together. 

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