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N F T ' s

Fantom (FTM)

The world of NFT's is definitely one worth exploring. Growing massively worldwide and becoming the future for artists to promote and sell their art. In my case, I have been part of the Fantom (FTM) community. A relatively small but yet, powerful community with lots of potential for growth. The platform where my pieces are sold is called Paintswap. You can follow me on Twitter as @FelipeUrteaga.

Collection Sick Lines

Generative OBSESSION

This was my first Generative and it was a successful one. It sold out in less then 5 minutes! 22 layers and 10 versions to create over a trillion possible combinations. A creature obsessed with jewels of the Fantom and Avax worlds. A collection which also contains so many references to the pop culture we all grew up with. A very detailed project with lots of ambition. Obsession Part II is planned to come out by September of this year 2023. 

Collection "The Woom"

This collection is a very intricate and detailed one. The main focus is on the baby and the word which appears on the bracelet. Of course the logo of Sickindividual is right at the middle. Sickindividual is the name of my art brand. Below the baby is a face with praying hands. The pleasure of creating these pieces is concentrated in all the geometric shapes within the face. The possibility of being free with all ideas that come into my mind while doing these pieces is definitely worth the time. 

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