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A combination of symbolic surrealism and the influence of the philosophical music of Pink Floyd were key to finding a personal style for my paintings. Below are some of them. These paintings have been exposed in Burbank CA, Dubai and Bahrain. I look forward to creating many many more pieces so that I can continue sharing these with other countries and art lovers. 
If interested in purchasing or having a customized painting, please don't hesitate to send me a message. 

La Chispa

La Chispa  is a painting I shall always beyond of. It was done in 2020, a year of tremendous changes and challenges for the while world.
but also a year where I was forced to look upon my self and reflect. I realized many important things and one of them was my profound love towards art and painting. Expressing my style and being completely free with it. This
painting was also personalized for a dear friend of mine. It represents festivity, partying and the joy of music. Especially Rock n' Roll. "Que pred


Numbness expreses a state of insanity though the face of a disrupted clown. Over that, there is a lot of detail related to so many different topics. Topics that are deep in our subconscious and our fears. on the top middle part of the painting there is a bottle pouring down booze. This expresses the escape of reality and the caos involved. This is a very big painting full of color, detail and symbolic figures. 

The Balance

The Balance is about the dilema between the mind and the emotion. Both the brain and the heart play different roles in our bodies, but how we live and how we interact with the world is the result of both working together. We need to seek balance between our thoughts and our emotions to avoid falling into temptations that can cause us harm. 

The Fight for Peace

Perhaps the most ambitious painting I have done so far. World War II is a moment in history we all remember and consider when thinking of the most tragic moments in history. This painting is of a hand in the form of peace which is completely covered in iconic moments of the War. Each finger contains a different area in relation to the war. The Fight for Peace is almost 6 fetid height and has a very powerful presence when looking at it. There is so much to look at and a lot to wonder about when relating the piece to the lives of so many lost during those days. 

Little Girl's Dream

A very big, colorful and captivating painting that resembles the subconscious thoughts of a little girl who is in a deep peaceful sleep. In the young stages of life worries and stress are far away from the mind. The imagery shown relates to the relationship the little girl has with her parents, especially the love she receives from her mother. One of my favorite paintings because fo the combination of colors and how they are distributed throughout the canvas to give it balance and a pleasant flow. 

Blue inside